Welcome to my website! 

My name is Otávio Santos de Albuquerque, thank you for stopping by! I am currently studying fine arts at Lehigh Carbon Community College as an honors scholar.  After graduating with my associates degree, I plan on transferring to a four year art university where I will study illustration.  I was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to the United States in 2015. I am trilingual in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. My main interests are the arts and the outdoors. On my free time I enjoy hiking, watching a good TV show, and, when possible, surfing. 

On this website you can find my portfolio, illustrations, cartoons, and photography. You can also commission portraits, caricatures, cartoons, designs, or any other art you wish. For business inquiries, email or reach me on instagram at otaviosantosart. 

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Artist Statement


Through illustrations, cartoons, and storytelling, my intention is to create works that express my ideas, emotions and feelings. I feel a strong connection to nature, which is why I am drawn to making nature related cartoons and illustrations. Part of my artistic practice is creating studies that enhance my skill sets. This is an important reminder for me to keep refining my techniques. These include human figures as well color and lighting studies.

 Concept art allows me to create new worlds while also paying homage to what I find to be sacred in the real world, for instance wildlife conservation. I am always working on an art project at any given time, which to me is the best way to grow and be consistent as an artist. My long term goals are to write and Illustrate book stories, to illustrate for wildlife conservation publications, and to create an original animated show. I intend to continue to be a nature photographer, focusing on water and wildlife, as well as a singer/songwriter and piano player. 

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